The Piper Pa 38-112 (Tomahawk) is a successful flight training and personal use aircraft designed and built by Piper Aircraft between 1978 and 1982. Just under 2500 examples were built during this time and they remain a common aircraft for flight training.

COP arrived at Airline Flying Club in June 2018 and has since been popular with student pilots training for their PPL's, however it is also available for hire by club members.


  • Manufacturer: Piper

  • Hourly Rate: $196 (Hire), $241 (Dual)

  • Cruise Speed: 95 Knots (175 Kmh)

  • Fuel Capacity: 121 Litres Total (32 USG), 114 Litres Usable (30 USG)

  • Engine: Lycoming 4 Cylinder horizontally opposed 112 hp (AVGAS)

  • Max take-off weight: 1670 Ibs (757 kg)

  • Passengers: 1 

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