The Cessna 182 is the second most popular Cessna aircraft after the 172. First produced in 1956 and still in production to this day, over 20,000 examples have been built. The 182 features a six cylinder engine and higher max weight over the 172, making it ideal for long cross country flights.

DJN is a fully IFR equipped aircraft, It is fitted with a touch screen Garmin GTN 650 GPS and is capable of using all non-precision aids as well as ILS. This is a versitile  aircraft for both local flights and extended cross countries.

Note: DJN is only avaliable for CPL and higher license holders.


  • Manufacturer: Cessna

  • Hourly Rate: $320 (Hire), $365 (Dual)

  • Cruise Speed: 130 Knots (240 Kmh)

  • Engine: Lycoming 6 Cylinder horizontally opposed 230 hp (AVGAS)

  • Max take-off weight: 2950 Ibs (1338 kg)

  • Passengers: 3

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