The Cessna 172 is very well known as it is the most successful aircraft in aviation history with over 44000 examples produced and counting! The aircraft is still being produced by Cessna. First seen in 1956 and developed from the Cessna 170, the 172 is very popular with private owners, flying clubs and schools.

JSF has been a part of the AFC fleet for many years and is our primary four seat aircraft. Featuring a 180HP engine and increased max weight from the standard N model, JSF is ideal for your next cross country flight.


  • Manufacturer: Cessna

  • Hourly Rate: $230 (Hire), $275 (Dual)

  • Cruise Speed: 110 Knots (203 Kmh)

  • Fuel Capacity: 200 Litres Total (52 USG), 194 Litres Usable (51 USG)

  • Engine: Lycoming 4 Cylinder horizontally opposed 180 hp (AVGAS)

  • Max take-off weight: 2550 Ibs (1156 kg)

  • Passengers: 3

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